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Which Van is Best for Your Campervan Conversion?


03 April 2020 15:30

You’ve decided you want a campervan. Excellent news! But where to start? How exactly are you going to use it? Do you want to buy a ready-made vehicle? Convert a van yourself? Copy a film or TV show? Get a custom built camper? What kind of van is best?

  1. If you’ve got the money

    Then it makes sense to opt for your own custom-built campervan. There are companies that specialise in high end campervan conversions, so if money is no object why not take a top-of-the-range base model and get it turned into an all-singing, all-dancing camper without lifting a finger? Two such companies include Vanworx and McLaren Sports Homes who will help you transform an ordinary van into one that turns heads and provides somewhere for tired heads to rest, too.

  2. If there are zombies

    It may be unlikely, it might never happen...but what if it does? You don’t want to be stuck with a flimsy un-zombie-proofed camper if (when) the time comes. You may be hard pressed to find an Action Mobil in the UK, but if you’re serious about surviving the zombie apocalypse, you’ll find a way.

    All Action Mobil models are 4x4 with a range of axle numbers depending on your requirements. Despite the robust, less than pretty exterior, the inside can be kitted out to resemble a real home allowing for optimum comfort as well as the ability to make mincemeat of zombie hordes with its enormous tyres.

  3. If you need the space

    A Luton van can provide the perfect base vehicle if you’re after a little more space. With a Luton van you ensure there’s ample standing space, so more suited if you’re looking at your van conversion as a permanent dwelling

  4. If you want to DIY

    Planning on doing a campervan conversion yourself?  It’s best to ensure you choose a base model that won’t present you with too many issues.

    There’s no one, definitive choice for this and as you might expect a lot of the more common vans are perfectly good for conversion without being too difficult to track down or expensive.

    A Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Daily, or VW Transporter are all readily available panel van models that are ideal for turning into campers. Choosing vans previously used by couriers is often a good bet, despite high mileage they may have service history and are less likely to be damaged than vans previously used in construction.

  5. If you offroad

    If you want the joy of taking your camper off road and exploring/sleeping in the wild, it’s essential you get a 4x4 base van for your campervan conversion. You can get Transits, Sprinters and Transporters with total traction, and certain models are even available in 4WD

    Mercedes Sprinters are a popular choice for off road camper conversions with Sprinter AWD models offering plenty of room as well as off-road capability. Of course there are more capable off roading options, such as the Action Mobil range ideal for the apocalypse, but Sprinters seem a more realistic choice.

  6. If you need a desert meth lab

    Need a bit of spare cash like Walter White in Breaking Bad? Then a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV is roomy enough inside to conduct many experiment, and inconspicuous enough to not attract unwanted attention.

  7. If there are mysteries to be solved

    If you want your very own Mystery Machine like Scooby and the gang, the closest van to that in the cartoon is the 1963 Ford Econoline Custom Van. So get your hands on one of those somehow, a quick lick of paint, and you’re ready to unmask pretend ghouls.

And of course, if you’re converting a van, you’ll probably need new windows. That’s where we can help. Van-Glass supplies high quality aftermarket windows perfect for a wide range of camper van conversions. If you order before 15.00pm Monday - Thursday, they’ll even be delivered the next day. Get in touch to find out more, or browse our range to find what you need.

Which Camper Van is Best?
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