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Ford Ecoboost Motor Wins ‘Engine of the Year’ Award

09 February 2019 15:30

The Ecoboost engine is more efficient than a typical petrol or diesel engine, consuming less fuel and reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

According to Ford, when compared to larger standard engines, Ecoboosts offer roughly 30% better fuel efficiency and 15% fewer greenhouse emissions. It does this using turbochargers to produce power and torque far in excess of their diminutive size (turbochargers use exhaust gases that usually go to waste, to push highly compressed air into the engine resulting in more power).

A 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine can offer up to 140PS, the same as a less efficient, heavier 1.6 engine.

Including winning ‘International Engine of the Year’ in 2012, 2013, and 2014 the 1.0 iteration of the Ecoboost engine has scooped up 11 ‘International engine and powertrain of the year’ awards as of 2019.

Ford claims the engine is small enough to sit on a piece of A4 paper without covering it entirely.

Why you might want to consider a vehicle with an Ecoboost engine

As the extent to which human activity affects global warming has been discovered, efforts have been made to mitigate it.These include inventions such as the Ecoboost and others which seek to limit the impact driving has on the atmosphere.

By opting for a vehicle with a lower fuel consumption engine like the Ecoboost, you help reduce the amount of CO2 and other harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. All without having to give up owning and running a vehicle. Not only this but you help ensure you don’t fall foul of existing and future restrictions, such as low designated low emissions zone in built up areas where air quality is an issue.

Vans available with variants of the Ecoboost engine include:

It also features in certain Ford hybrid vehicles, to ensure even the back-up petrol engine is more environmentally-friendly The commercial Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid and its passenger alternative, the Tourneo Custom Plug-in Hybrid both have a 1.0 Ecoboost as their back-up engine for when the electric motors run out of power.

As Ecoboosts become more common, with Ford’s commitment to releasing more eco-friendly vehicles, you’re more likely to find yourself owning one or working on one.

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